I absolutely love Scoop.It! I had been hearing about it but this was my first time trying it out. I feel like this is exactly the web-organizing tool that I’ve been waiting for. I have tried bookmarking tools like Delicious, and I keep bookmarks in my browser’s toolbar, but as with a lot of the other tools we’ve been exploring I find that I do much better with the more visual tools. The Web is so infinite and overwhelming – it’s helpful to have a concrete space to organize the things that I want to keep track of.

I really like the “magazine” layout of Scoop.It (Maybe it’s the familiarity of a physical print format that makes this tool so appealing to me!)I created a topic called “Reading Resources.”

It would be really simple to share all of these sources with my library patrons with one link to the topic page. I also love the idea of having students use this tool to keep track of web resources as they are researching or to keep an online portfolio of their own personal web publications.

The other bookmarking tool that I have been using is Pinterest. I love the simplicity of it and the Pin It! bookmarklet that allows you to easily add something to a pin board as you are browsing the Web. So far I have been using this one soley for my personal needs – I like the social networking aspect of it as I have been following the pins of friends and other library professionals.