I consider myself to be fairly “in-the-know” about the social networks that are out there, but Twitter is one trend that I have struggled to get into.  I set up an account awhile ago just to get familiar with it, but it’s an information platform that I have trouble wrapping my head around.  It just feels like too much information coming at me from different sources, while it is more natural for me to take my time reading one longer document (say an article or a book).

I gave it another go for this assignment though, and after playing around a bit I’m making it work for me.  It helped me to set up lists to organize different types of information.  So far I have Professional Organizations (ALA, NYPL, etc.), Authors, Librarians, and Friends.  I am really enjoying following some of my favorite authors.  I’ve decided that for me the best uses for Twitter will be to keep up with the latest library trends and book releases and reviews – all of the information that I want be on the cutting edge of –  the headlines of the library world in other words.

I have not tweeted anything myself yet, as I am still getting familiar my surroundings.  I love some of the Twitter widgets that Polly mentioned though, and am trying to decide if I should set up a news feed on my library webpage. So after some tweaking of my profile I guess I am warming up to Twitter!

P.S. Feel free to follow me @GHSLibrarian, I would love to add some Cool Toolers to my Twitter community!